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La Ligne d'ombre

  • Category / Instrument : Orchestra
  • Orchestration : 2(picc).2.2(clB).2 / / hp / 2perc /
  • Duration : 8'
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : Parts
  • Publisher : Lemoine
  • Code : 28140R
  • Published : 27/01/2005
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9790230940061


13/05/2004 - Tarbes, Le Parvis - Orchestre de Pau-Pays de Béarn, Fayçal Karoui (direction)


Commissioned for the Orchestre de Pau-Pays de Béarn by the "Parvis", national theatre of Tarbes, this piece was inspired by a Joseph Conrad short story, The Shadow Line, an impressive description of waiting for a storm on board a becalmed ship (to use the maritime terminology).
The whole point of this new piece lies in the dimension given to the wait and to the particular amount of time ensuing from it.
Therefore, here I worked especially on this relation to time and this singular intensity that the sound events take on in a context of immobility.
I also paid particular attention to the choice of tempi, the overall progression of the work going from a slow to a very fast tempo characterising the final explosion, whilst making room for the unmeasured elements escaping the ascendancy of the time signature.
Similarly, at the centre of the piece, this character of "suddenness" intervenes, provoking an extreme contraction of the elements alternating with silence.

Edith Canat de Chizy


La Ligne d'ombre ("The Shadow Line") is inspired by Joseph Conrad's eponymous short story. This brief tone poem opens in nocturnal and ominous mood. The menacing storm draws nearer until it suddenly breaks in the violent central section. The piece then moves quickly to its appeased close.

Hubert Culot
Musicweb International



After pursuing graduate studies in Art and Archaeology and Philosophy at the Sorbonne, Edith Canat de Chizy successively obtained six premiers prix at the Paris Conservatoire including one in composition. She became initiated into electro-acoustic music with Guy Reibel at the Conservatoire [...]


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