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Van de Velde Publishers was founded in 1899 Van de Velde Publishers was founded in 1899.

Launched by Ernest Van de Velde, pedagogue, composer and conductor, they have always explored in an original and inventive way the countless ways of accessing musical knowledge.


Francis Van de Velde, grandson of the creator, has inherited a label with a splendid past, without this being a hindrance to his undertaking to broaden the range of the catalogue, from teaching music in primary classes to the classical and contemporary repertoires, via "The History of Music in Cartoons", the range is more diverse than ever.


Since 1985, Editions Van de Velde has been innovating in the field of pedagogy to support teachers in the French National Education system with the books in the Musicollège, les Objectifs collection. Specialised teaching, that of conservatories and music schools, remains a no less important target for the publisher of the famous "Méthode Rose" and "Petit Paganini". But other audiences are also targeted by new publishing products, for example self-taught amateurs, those for whom Le Piano à Portée de Mains is intended.


The music published by the company is generally the result of specific commissions that are part of a real project, which gives the catalogue its character and strength, each work being both a score, since it is used with an instrument, and an educational reference book.


Since 2002, Pierre Lemoine has taken over the catalogue of Editions Van de Velde which continues to be developed in this specific way.



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