Combre editions

Although the Combre editions are today among the major French music publishers, their origins date back only a little more than a quarter of a century. The acquisition of numerous collections such as Philippo, Dupuy, Marchetti, Roudanez, Lemarié, Hérelle (works for organ and church music), Gallet, Malezieux, Massau, Noël, Thibaux... means that its history could be more than a century old.


Today, publishing is more particularly oriented towards musical education (methods, musical training), collections of instrumental pieces, ensemble music for all levels.


The publishing house also has a series of graded collections of classical works adapted for different instruments: "The Classical Guitar", "The New Classical Saxophone", "The Classical Clarinet", "The New Classical Violin", "The Classical Trombone", "The Classical Double Bass", etc. and recently published: "The Classical Horn", "The Classical Bassoon", "The Classical Tuba".


Great composers honour the publisher with their talent, including many "Prix de Rome" winners:

Marcel Bitsch, Roger Calmel, Monique Cecconi, Jacques Chailley, Jean-Michel Damase, Jean Galard, Raymond Gallois-Montbrun (former director of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, Member of the Institut), Odette Gartenlaub, Gérard Gasparian, Ida Gotkovsky Naji Hakim (organist of the Grand Orgue de l'Eglise de la Trinité, Paris) Betsy Jolas, Claude-Henry Joubert, Serge Lancien, Jean Langlais (author of numerous works for organ), Pierre Lantier, Pierre-Yves Level, Alain Louvier Michel Lysight, Christian Manen, Michel Meriot, Michel Meynaud, Jérôme Naulais, Claude Pascal, Pascal Proust, François Sabatier, Thomas Daniel Schlee, among others are part of our repertory.


Over the years, the Combre publishing house has added many composers, including Stéphane Blet, a young up-and-coming concert pianist, who writes works for piano and is a member of many competition juries. They have also brought to light some forgotten composers, including Désiré Paque, a Belgian composer (144 opuses). Gabriel-Pierre Berlioz, who composed 6 Concertos and Maurice Journeau.


Since 2010, Combre publishing house has been taken over by Pierre Lemoine, who already manages Henry Lemoine, Paul Beuscher, Delrieu, Van de Velde and Jobert.



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