Monique Gabus


Monique Gabus (1924-2012) was born in Cambrai her father being Swiss and her mother French. As from her early childhood, she mamfested very particular talents for music by improvising on the piano without having received any previous initiation (her parents were not musicians). At the age of 7, her mother presented her in Douai to Victor Gallois, Grand Prix de Rome, who began to teach her harmony. At 17, she entered the Paris National Superior Conservatory of Music, where she obtained harmony and composition prizes in the classes of Jean Gallon and Tony Aubin. She was equally the pupil of Magda Tagliaferro, Noël Gallon and Olivier Messiaen. Inspite of delicate health, she has composed symphonie works (in particular her cantata for choir and orchestra La Nuit Obscure on the poem by St. Jean de la Croix), choral works, melodies, vocalizations, instrumental pieces and six books of piano pieces for the young. In her art, she likes the expression of interior life and also the transposition of visual images in music (landscapes, pictures, photos) to which she is very sensitive.


    • 15.11.2018
    • La Roselière
    • Erstein (France)
    • Festival Piano, Musée Würth
    • Marie Casiau-Haurie (pno)
    • 21.04.2013
    • Vocalises (2)
    • Paris (France)
    • Eglise Saint Merri
    • Nell Froger (S), Naoko Fujiwara (pno)