Jules Mouquet


The composer Jules Mouquet was born in Paris on 10 July 1867. He studied harmony and composition at the Paris Conservatoire before being awarded the Grand Prix de Rome in 1896 for his cantata Mélusine, followed by the Prix Trémont in 1905 and then, in 1907, the Prix Chartier for chamber music.
ln 1913, he was appointed professor of harmony at the Paris Conservatoire, and wrote a Cours complémentaire d'harmonie.
Most of Jules Mouquet's compositions are for wind instruments - flute, oboe, clarinet and saxophone - and his best-known work remains the symphonic poem La Flûte de Pan opus 15, for flute and orchestra. He also wrote oratorios, including Le Sacrifice d'Isaac and Le Jugement.
Jules Mouquet died in Paris on 25 October 1946.


    • 03.12.2016
    • Flûte de Pan Op.15
    • Detmold (Germany)
    • Christian Dietrich Grabbe Gymnasium
    • Schulorchester
    • 29.03.2016
    • Flûte de Pan Op.15
    • Halle (Germany)
    • Opéra
    • Greta Helten (fl), Staatskapelle Halle, Robbert van Steijn (dir.)
    • 15.03.2016
    • Flûte de Pan Op.15
    • Indianapolis (United States)
    • St. Luke's United Methodist Church
    • H. Woodhouse (fl), Brebeuf Jesuit Orchestra, Steve Hoernemann (dir.)