Benjamin de La Fuente


Born on the 6th October 1969 in Bordeaux (France), Benjamin de la Fuente graduated from Paris Conservatoire Supérieur where he studied with Gérard Grisey (composition) and Alain Savouret (improvisation). In parallel, he graduated from the university Paris VIII. He wrote a master of musicology L'entendre aujourd'hui ou la réapprehension du son musical ("Listen to the musical sound today"). He studied at the IRCAM (1998) and he's composer-in residence at the Villa Medicis in Roma (2001).
He's co-created (2000) of the musical invention compagny "Sphota". He's also co-created (2003) of the band "Caravaggio".
He's a regular guest at various festivals : Musica, Agora, Résonance, Présences, Mancas (Nice), Radio France, Octobre en Normadie, son/mu 98, Ina-GRM, Multiphonie, Musique et quotidien sonore (Albi), IMEB festival (bourges), Musiques en scènes (Lyon), Octopus (centre Pompidou)...
He's been commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture, Radio France, IRCAM, Ina/GRM, Les Percussion de Strasbourg, Grame, Imeb, and others institutions. He has worked wiht severals solists as Garth Knox (Arditti), Bruno Chevillon (Cb), Gérard Caussé (alto), Vincent David (sax)... and with severals ensembles as Ictus, Ensemble intercontemporain, L'opéra Garnier, L'itinéraire, TM+, Les Temps Modernes, Court-Circuit, l'ensemble Pythagore, National Orchestra of Lyon, National Orchestra of Cannes...
In 2002, was awarded the Hervé Dugardin Prize. In 2005 he was awarded Academie des Beaux-Arts Prize from the Institut of France. He has a national graduate to teach Electroacoustic Music. He's given many courses of improvisation in many Universities.
For many years he's written from chamber Music to larger instrumental ensembles, with or without electronic. He also Worked for Theater and Short Movies.
He usualy try to propose an other way to create, to think, to present on stage, the music. All is done - inside the writing and on Stage - to make a strong and special spirit. His writing technical is inspired of the post-Spectral music, the energy and sound of rock music, and the indian music form and rythmic style. He also use pygmies metric.

The music of Benjamin de la Fuente is published by Editions Jobert.

Link, The Composer at Work: Benjamin de la Fuente by Max Noubel


    • 29.11.2014
    • Trafic
    • Paris (France)
    • Théâtre de la Gaité Lyrique
    • César Carcopino, Yi-Ping Yang (perc)
    • 08.11.2009
    • Ronde de nuit
    • Clermont Ferrand (France)
    • Festival Musiques Démesurées
    • Les Temps Modernes