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Charlotte se met à la musique

  • Category / Instrument : Music teaching
  • Genre : classical
  • Sortiment : Book + CD
  • Number of pages : 55
  • Publisher : Van de Velde
  • Code : VV396
  • Published : 17/07/2009
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9782858683963


Charlotte puts herself in music

A rhythmical story, images, music, sounds: enough to awaken and foster the curiosity of the youngest, making them alternately - and according to their age - listen, watch, move, imitate, sing, draw...
In nine episodes, Charlotte the Little Witch tells the jokes of her friends through various situations - at the same time funny and touching - in which each event is pretext for approaching and appreciating the constituents of sound: height, duration, timbre, intensity, space, and dynamics.
A CD-book for the story, the images, the educational purpose, the activities with the children who will enthusiastically discover the boisterous complicities uniting Tutu the Toad, Fifi the Cat, Leon the Snake and the Solfège Family (Sol-Fa Family), the little spider colony living in Charlotte's hat.
Interactive support for various situations, Charlotte puts herself in music will find its place as well in the family circle as in playful, social, educational, cultural structures welcoming children between 18 months and 6 years.
First of all: feeling... It is this essential meeting between the child and the world of sounds - in which music occupies a large place - that this book is about.

Sarah Chardonnens Lehmann pursues two vocations at the same time in being a musician and a teacher. Talented clarinettist, renowned performer of contemporary repertoires, her instrumental course is marked out with numerous prizes. She owes her passion for teaching to her childhood during which music held a dominant place. Teacher at the Freiburg Conservatoire (Switzerland), she particularly likes to guide her students, as well beginners as professionals, on the way of a personalized instrumental practice, respectful of everyone's abilities and aims. In 2006, she recorded her first CD of Italian music for clarinet and piano, Italianità.

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