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Mémoire des sons

  • Category / Instrument : Cello
  • Duration : 7'
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : Score
  • Number of pages : 4
  • Format : 42 x 29,7 cm
  • Publisher : Jobert
  • Code : JJ2241
  • Published : 20/05/2016
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9790230822411


29/05/2016 - Beauvais (France), Festival de violoncelle - Xavier Gagnepain (cello)


Festival de violoncelle de Beauvais pour le 100ème anniversaire de la naissance de Henri Dutilleux


Like a prayer, it is again an E flat, which opens and ends Mémoire des sons (2016) for cello, a tribute to Henri Dutilleux. "A long time ago, Mr Henri Dutilleux gave me and signed the book of his interviews with Claude Glayman, Mystère et mémoire des sons (Mystery and Memory of sounds). Memory of sounds and words, of our numerous discussions at his place, rue Saint-Louis en I'Ile. This street I was taking when coming to see him, then the joy and the pleasure of talking with him, are still in my mind when I think about him. Mr Dutilleux's words remain in me like sounds of spring, or colours of a garden full of flowers. The piece is based on the two notes D and A. D is the first letter of Dutilleux, and A is associated to the element Wood, to the East and to Spring in the Five Element Theory of Yi King - Livre des Mutations (Book of changes) in Chinese philosophy."

Laurence Bancaud
Excerpt from the CD booklet "Incarnations structurales"


1 CD Horizons, H070173, Incarnations structurales
Incarnations structurales - Le Tombeau de Christian Lardé - The Endless Murmuring I - Mémoire des sons - Thuy Lâm,... Vô - Chu Ky III
Trio Salzedo:
- Marine Perez (flute)
- Pauline Bartissol (cello)
- Frédérique Cambreling (harp)



Born in Huê in central Vietnam in 1933, Tôn-Thât Tiêt came to Paris in 1958 to study composition at the Paris Conservatoire. He attended Jean Rivier and André Jolivet classes for composition. He was at first drawn to the serial technique but from 1966 on, he turned to another mode of inspiration. [...]


    • 20.03.2022
    • Appel
    • Caen (France)
    • Festival Aspects des musiques d'aujourd'hui, Petit Auditorium
    • Elèves du Conservatoire et solistes de l'Orchestre de Caen
    • 18.03.2022
    • Les Jardins d'autre monde
    • Caen (France)
    • Festival Aspects, Auditorium Jean-Pierre Dautel
    • Valeria Kafelnikov (hp), Orchestre Régional de Caen, Jean Deroyer (cond.)

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