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E vidi quattro stelle (Fuga Libera)

  • Category / Instrument : Soprano, baritone, brass quartet, harp and organ
  • Duration : 50'
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : CD
  • Publisher : Autre
  • Code : FUG762
  • Published : 14/08/2020
  • ISBN / ISMN : 5400439007628


Nikolay Borchev (baritone)
Alice Foccroulle (soprano)
Ensemble InAlto
Ouri Bronchti (conductor)


1. Departure from Hell at Dawn - 2. Along the Shore (Canto I) - 3. Dante and Virgil Climb the Mountain (Canto IV) - 4. - The Meeting with a Crowd of Sinners Who Died Violent Deaths (Canto V) - 5. In the Smoke of the Wrathful (Cantos XV-XVI-XVIII) - 6. Dante's Dream (Canto XXIII) - 7. Dante Finds Beatrice (Canto XXX) - 8. The Accusations of Beatrice and Dante's Loss of Consciousness (Canto XXXI) - 9. Matelda Bathes Dante in the Waters of Lethe, Dance of the Four Fair Ladies (Canto XXXI) - 10. The Sun, Slower and More Blazing Than Before, Arrives at Its Noonday Zenith (Canto XXXIII) - 11. Revived and Refreshed, Dante Is Ready to Ascend to the Stars (End of canto XXXIII / Purgatorio)



Bernard Foccroulle was born in Liège in 1953. He embarked on an international career as an organist in the mid 1970s, performing a vast repertoire stretching from the Renaissance to the contemporary era. He gave dozens of world premiere performances of composers such as Philippe Boesmans, Brian Ferneyhough, [...]


    • 04.06.2022
    • E vidi quattro stelle
    • Paris (France)
    • Maison de la Radio et de la Musique
    • Alice Foccroulle (S), Nikolay Borchev (Bar), Bernard Foccroulle (org), Ensemble In Alto, Ouri Bronchti (cond.)
    • Création Mondiale
    • 19.09.2019
    • L'uscita dall' inferno
    • Liège (Belgium)
    • Eglise Saint Jacques
    • Ensemble InAlto, Bernard Foccroulle (org), Lambert Colson (cond.)

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