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  • Category / Instrument : Solo horn
  • Genre : classical
  • Sortiment : Score
  • Number of pages : 3
  • Publisher : Combre
  • Code : C06704
  • Published : 30/06/2010
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9790230367042


This short suite of seven movements for solo horn is a type of game-exercise for young players who bave been learning for about three years.
It can sometimes prove difficult to learn to read modern notation, and for this reason the technique should be tackled as soon as possible, consistent with the pupil's ability.
The teacher should work through each piece, explaining the signs and symbole and the resulting atmosphere of the music. Then, guided by the sub-titles, the pupil should write a brief story, and insert this in between the pieces (which may be played in any order). The stories may bave their bases in Greek tales and legends, or in film scenarios. By becoming thoroughly familier with the instrument and with 21st-century music, the pupil will be able to present a brief entertainment where the horn, with sounds ranging from the mysterious to the brilliant, is used as an illustration to the story.



Pascal Proust, who was born in 1959, went to school in Orléans before entering the Paris Conservatoire in 1974, where he won three first prizes (in "Solfege spécialisé", French horn and chamber music). In 1985 he was awarded the third prize in the International Toulon Competition. [...]

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