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  • Category / Instrument : Other
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : CD
  • Publisher : aeon
  • Code : AE0529
  • Published : 25/08/2005


"I often compose in allegro, scherzo, or allegro vivace mode", declares Régis Campo at the risk of being seen as an agitator in a troubled age when the requiem with its trail of litanies and lamentos is invading the musical landscape.
Régis Campo has decided to be at the epicentre of happiness. Should cheerfulness in music be banned nowadays ?
He sweeps away this view at a stroke: he composes his happiness, in search of music devoid of all heaviness.

Omer Corlaix

Jay Gottlieb (piano), Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Pascale Rophé (conductor), Musicatreize, Roland Haraybedian (conductor), Ensemble des Lauréats du Conservatoire, Kanako Abe (conductor)


Concerto pour piano et orchestre (1998-1999) - Music to hear (1999) pour 7 voix et 5 instruments, d'après des sonnets de William Shakespeare - Pop-Art (2001-2002) pour flûte, clarinette, violon, alto, violoncelle et piano



Régis Campo was born in Marseilles in 1968 and took composition lessons with Georges Boeuf and Jacques Charpentier before enrolling at the Paris Conservatory, where he continued his studies with Alain Bancquart and Gérard Grisey, finishing with the first prize in composition in 1995. [...]


    • Création Nationale
    • 07.09.2019
    • Ouverture en forme d'étoiles
    • Milano (Italy)
    • Festival Mito
    • Orchestra dei Pomeriggi Musicali, Alessandro Cadario (cond.)
    • 01.08.2019
    • Pic-Vert
    • La Grave (France)
    • Festival Messiaen au pays de la Meije, Eglise
    • Anne Cartel (fl), Marie Vermeulin (pno)
    • Création Nationale
    • 31.07.2019
    • Phénix
    • Cambridge (United Kingdom)
    • Robinson College Chapel
    • Rebecca Carson (fl)

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