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MURAIL Tristan


  • Category / Instrument : Piano
  • Duration : 9'
  • Level : 5
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : Score
  • Number of pages : 12
  • Format : 23 x 31 cm
  • Publisher : Lemoine
  • Code : 28234
  • Published : 01/07/1972
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9790230982344


15/05/1974 - Radio France - Programme France-Culture - Marie-Cécile Milan


Estuaire was an attempt at appropriating the serial aesthetic for my own benefit - I was trying to make it say something that it couldn't say: coloured images, gestures, moving shapes. The enterprise was paradoxical, and the result ambiguous, a transitional work. After this I managed to completely liberate myself from the stylistic fashions of the day, with Territoires de l'Oubli, a piece truly written for the piano, by the piano. The music is created from the way in which the instrument rings and resonates. The virtuosic writing refers more to Liszt than to the composers of the twentieth century.

Tristan Murail


1 CD Metier, MSVCD92097
Comme un oeil suspendu et poli par le songe - Estuaire - Territoires de l'oubli - Cloches d'adieu, et un sourire... - La Mandragore - Les Travaux et les jours
Marilyn Nonken (piano)

MURAIL Tristan


Born in Le Havre in 1947, Tristan Murail received advanced degrees in classical and North African Arabic from the Ecole Nationale des Langues Orientales Vivantes, as well as a degree in economic science, while at the same time pursuing his musical studies. In 1967, he became a student of Olivier Messiaen [...]


    • 07.08.2022
    • Attracteurs étranges
    • Chiré en Montreuil (France)
    • Festival en Poitou, Château
    • Antoine Payen (vlc)
    • 06.07.2022
    • Une lettre de Vincent
    • Monterrey (Mexico)
    • Centro de las Artes
    • Julie Brunet-Jailly (fl), Florian Lauridon (vlc)
    • 03.07.2022
    • Une lettre de Vincent
    • Saltillo (Mexico)
    • Festival internacional de Guitarra de México, Teatro de la Ciudad Fernando Soler
    • Julie Brunet-Jailly (fl), Florian Lauridon (vlc)
    • Création Nationale
    • 01.07.2022
    • L'oeil du cyclone
    • Tokyo (Japon)
    • Opera City Concert Hall
    • François-Frédéric Guy (pno), NHK Symphony Orchestra, Ilan Volkov (cond.)

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