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TOURE Aladji

Les Secrets de la basse africaine

  • Category / Instrument : Bass
  • Genre : method - studies
  • Sortiment : Score + CD
  • Number of pages : 61
  • Format : 23 x 31 cm
  • Publisher : Lemoine
  • Code : 28085
  • Published : 16/09/2005
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9790230980852


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...I acknowledge that in the beginning, I learned a great deal though published methods, which allowed me to develop my own playing style, combining Western musical culture with that of my African roots... But I was disappointed that there were no methods available that presented African bass in general or that of Cameroon in particular... this is why having this work published is so close to my heart ... I hope that the musical wealth of Cameroon gives you pleasure and enhances your playing...

Aladji Touré

For more than twenty years, bass virtuoso Aladji Touré has been considered as one of Cameroon's most talented players.
He accompanied and inspired numerous musicians such as Moni Bilé, Ndedi Eyango, then Gilly Ndoumbé, Jean-Claude Mbimbé, and younger players like Joly Prisa, Sergio Polo, Franck Chaleur; and Dora Decca. His style has also profoundly influenced internationally recognised bassists from Cameroon such as Richard Bona, Etienne Mbapé, and Guy Sangué. ln Cameroon, his aura has provoked a real "Aladji Touré phenomenon".
Preoccupied with recording and disseminating the nation's repertoire, Aladji Touré became a producer for TJR, adding the great names ofAfrican music to the label's catalogue. ln particular, he instigated the "Makossa Testament" collection, a fusion of standards that has spread Cameroun's musical universe throughout Africa and beyond.
Today, in Secrets of the African bass, Aladji Touré shares his technique and experience with the "four string" to help us master the bass guitar. lntended for both amateur and professional bassists, this method is an invitation to take a real musical voyage deep into richly coloured Africa: green-red-yellow, the colours of Cameroon's flag...

Toto Guillaume

How to use the CD

Listen to the exercises, paying special attention to the bass and accompanying rhythm section. Then try to play what is written, imitating the recorded bassist's style as closely as possible.
Use the equaliser on your stereo system to make the bass on the CD louder or softer, or to eliminate it completely so you can play your own lines without hearing the recorded bass. Hope that you enjoy these African rhythms.
After working through our propositions, try to develop your personal style by practising rhythms not necessarily related to those on the CD. Good luck!

The players

Shannon Muray (programmations)
Belmond de Boville (guitar)
Aladji Touré (bass)


Préface - Suggestions d'écoute et discographie - Introduction - Le Makossa basique - Le Makossa moderne - Le Bolobo - Le Bikutsi - Le Ben Skin - L'Assiko - Transcriptions