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  • Category / Instrument : Flute and cello
  • Duration : 6'
  • Level : 5
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : Score
  • Number of pages : 8
  • Publisher : Lemoine
  • Code : 27578
  • Published : 01/01/1993
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9790230975780


August 1983 - Marie Veauvy (flute), Alain Meunier (cello)


to Marie Veauvy and Alain Meunier


A duet without piano might bring to mind works by Béla Bartok or even Maurice Ravel. Here, the challenge was in the coming together of two instruments with very different characters (the flute, a wind instrument often written for in the upper registers, facing a cello, a stringed instrument of which the register of choice is rather low). It was necessary to adapt the virtuosity of the respective dialogues to the requirements of an organic symbiosis and formal unity.
ln the prelude, I wanted to give the supple appearance of a recitative. Two instruments, that seem to form one single timbre, unravelling a splendid sonorous garland.
In the second part, the dialogues' progression is based on the bracing tangle of elements specific to each of the duettists (harmonic ornaments and flutter-tonguing for the flute; rhythmic and melodic figures in contrasting timbres for the cello).



Jean-Marc Singier, who was born in 1954 in Paris, took courses with György Ligeti, Aurel Stroe and Brian Ferneyhough. Awarded a scholarship by the italian government, he studied composition with Franco Donatoni at the Accademia Santa Cecilia in Rome, earning a composition prize. [...]


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