Sergio Assad


Born near Sao Paulo in Brazil, Sergio in 1952, and Odair in 1956, their mandolist father guided their discovery of Brazilian music; they won very early the Guitar Competition the most important in Sao Paulo. Their uncanny ability to play guitar together soon evidenced itself, and seven years of study with the classical guitarist and lutenist Monina Tavora (a disciple and former pupil of Andres Segovia) followed.
Their American career began in 1969 under the "Youth for Understanding". They achieved victory in the 1973 Brazilian Symphonie Orchestra competition for young soloist. A major prize at the "Rostrom of Young Interpreters" in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in 1979 launched their European career. Since, they performed in recital and with orchestra throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia.
Today's one of the foremost guitar duo, they have been credited with doublehandedely reviving Brazilian music for the instrument. Gnatalli, Nobre and Mignone have dedicated pieces to them, as have the Russian composer Nikita Koshkin and the Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla.