Jérôme Combier


Jérôme Combier studied composition, style, analysis, and orchestration with Hacène Larbi, and then later, in 1997, at the Paris Conservatory with Emmanuel Nunes and Michaël Lévinas. In addition, his university studies lead to a master's degree on Anton Webern with mentor Antoine Bonnet ("Le principe de variation chez Anton Webern"). In 1995 he was a finalist in the Griegselskalpet competition in Oslo. In 1997, he founded the Cairn Ensemble, and is now the artistic director. Jérôme Combier received the "Vocation" Prize (awarded by the Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation) and the Pierre Cardin prize. In September 1998, he participated in the composition session at the Fondation Royaumont, and as part of a cultural exchange, was in residence in Japan for two months. In 2001-2002, he was chosen to participate in the composition and musical computing cursus at Ircam. For two years, between 2002 and 2004, he developed composition and conducting programs in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with support from the Paris Conservatory for the conservatories in Tashkent and Almaty, and then the following year was in residence at the Villa Medicis. There he met Raphaël Thierry who made the visual installations for the cycle Vies Silencieuses written for the Cairn Ensemble. The cycle was recorded in 2007 by the Aeon label. In the Sabine villages, in Rome, he and painter Xavier Noiret-Thomé were part of the exposition "20 eventi" directed by Guiseppe Penone. In 2002, he wrote Pays de vent, Les Hebrides for the National Orchestra of France, which was heralded by Unesco and recorded by Motus editions. Jérôme Combier was quest composer at the Why Note festival in Dijon, Tage für Neue Musik in Zurich, the festival of Aix-en-Provence, the Adelburgh Festival, and the Witten Festival. His compositions for Ensemble Recherche and Ensemble Intercontemporain were part of the Autumn Festival in Paris. In collaboration with Pierre Nouvel, he created the installation Noir Gris for the Beckett exposition organised by the Centre Georges Pompidou.

The music of Jérôme Combier is published by Editions Lemoine.




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    • 10.02.2022
    • Wood and bones
    • Paris (France)
    • Théâtre de la Cité internationale
    • Alexas Ciciretti (vlc)
    • 23.11.2021
    • Wood and bones
    • Valence (France)
    • Le Lux, scène nationale
    • Alexas Ciciretti (vlc)
    • 10.11.2021
    • Wood and bones
    • Orléans (France)
    • Théâtre
    • Alexas Ciciretti (vlc)
    • Création Mondiale
    • 31.10.2021
    • Le ombre delle cose
    • Chinon (France)
    • Espace Rabelais, Festival Dutilleux
    • Ensemble Cairn