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La magie du déchiffrage

  • Serie : L'homme musicien
  • Category / Instrument : All instrument
  • Genre : method - studies
  • Sortiment : Book
  • Number of pages : 128
  • Publisher : Van de Velde
  • Code : VV380
  • Published : 30/06/2005
  • ISBN / ISMN : 9782858683802


Sight-reading is neither a "magic" act nor an extraordinary gift which some musicians are lucky enough to receive at birth. Sight-reading is a combination of musical, behavioural and cognitive know-how which can be learned and developed during musical and instrumental practice.

How to position your eyes on the score?
How to play without looking at your fingers?
How to obtain a stable and reliable pulsation on all occasions?
How to perceive a score globally?
How to face sight-reading with composure and self-confidence?

Thanks to a detailed and progressive learning, this book offers you to acquire the methods used by every good reader.
This book is meant for musicians, students, teachers, professionals or amateurs wishing to read a score at first sight.

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