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Over the sea (Solstice)

  • Category / Instrument : Other
  • Duration : 49'13
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : CD
  • Publisher : Autre
  • Code : SOCD312
  • Published : 24/08/2015
  • ISBN / ISMN : 3279793122030


Orchestre National de Lyon
Ilan Volkov (conductor)
Recording: Radio-France

Quatuor Diotima
Pascal Contet (accordion)
Gregory Beller (electronics)
Recording: Ircam (Sébastien Naves)

Paul Meyer (clarinet)
Orchestre National de Lille
Roberto Rizzi-Brignoli (conductor)
Recording: Radio-France

In this monographic CD, I wanted to bring together three recent works which could have in common this verse by René Char: How can we live without the unknoxn before us?"
These three scores, like some of my earlier ones, were inspired by the idea of movement/tempo/motion: a lightning gesture in Pierre d'éclair, the sphere of influence relayed by the electronics in Over the sea, and the dialectic between mobile and immobile in Drift.
In addition, all three refer to two poets, René Char and Pierre Reverdy, and a painter, Claude Monet, thus continuing my research on relationships between the arts.

Edith Canat de Chizy


CANAT de CHIZY Edith : Pierre d'éclair - Over the sea - Drift



After pursuing graduate studies in Art and Archaeology and Philosophy at the Sorbonne, Edith Canat de Chizy successively obtained six premiers prix at the Paris Conservatoire including one in composition. She became initiated into electro-acoustic music with Guy Reibel at the Conservatoire [...]


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