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Pizzicato Soliste

  • Category / Instrument : All instrument
  • Genre : method - studies
  • Sortiment : Certificate to donwload
  • Publisher : Arpège Musique
  • Code : PIZZSOLCT
  • Published : 04/11/2013


Downloadable version: You will receive an email with a link.

Pizzicato Soloist contains all the tools you need to write music for a solo instrument. Print nice solo sheet music, whether for brass, woodwind, string instruments or any solo instrument written on one staff.

  • - Everything you need to write your own solo sheet music.
  • - An extensive and easy to follow tutorial helps you mastering every aspect of Pizzicato.
  • - Transpose the score from one tone to another, just by changing the key signature or by selecting an interval.
  • - Enter your exercises and play them with the computer as a reference for rhythm and pitch. You will improve quickly and enjoy even more playing your instrument.

Your advantages :

- Whether you are a beginner or professional musician, Pizzicato offers you an easy and user-friendly approach to creating music with a computer.

- The music course and software tutorials do not require any music or computer knowledge. They are surprisingly simple to read and apply. It contains a full music theory course, with many examples that combine with the discovery of the tools to enter music. You can then directly apply what you learn in practice. With it, you will be able to understand music notation.

- The step by step tutorials show you how to write a score, with many examples. You learn how to use each tool so as to be efficient and save time.

- Pizzicato offers free and unlimited technical support through the Internet or email for any question you may have while installing or using Pizzicato.

- You can always email technical support from the editor of the software ( This guarantees clear, efficient and customized answers within 24 hours during business days.

- A user forum, a database of frequently asked questions (FAQ) as well as many tutorial videos are also available through the Internet site 24/7.

- When you buy Pizzicato, you are entitled to receive two free major upgrades of the software, by download.

- Windows and Mac versions