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Musique de chambre, Cantates (NoMadMusic)

  • Category / Instrument : Ensemble
  • Duration : 63'13 - 59'39
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : CD
  • Publisher : Autre
  • Code : NMM052
  • Published : 29/06/2018
  • ISBN / ISMN : 3700750930578


Marion Tassou (soprano)

Ensemble vocal EXAUDI : James Weeks (conductor), Juliet Fraser, Amanda Morrison (sopranos), Tom Williams (countertenor), David de Winter, Jonathan Bungard (tenors), Francis Brett (baritone)

L'Instant Donné : Elsa Balas (viola), Nicolas Carpentier (cello), Caroline Cren (piano), Maxime Echardour (percussion), Esther Kubiez-Davoust (harp), Saori Furukawa (violin), Cédric Jullion (flute), Philippe Régana (oboe), Mathieu Steffanus (clarinet)

The product of a close collaboration between Instant Donné and the composer Gérard Pesson, this double-album gathers chamber and vocal works with the collaboration of Ensemble EXAUDI and the soprano Marion Tassou.
Always carried by words, the music of Gérard Pesson is here inseparable from the texts of Marie Redonnet, Matthieu Nuss, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Elena Andreyev. Melding electronic incursions crossed with a nod to the past, most notably Baroque music, poetic catalyst and a legacy asserted by the composer, this recording is beautiful introduction to his utterly singular world.


La lumière n'a pas de bras pour nous porter - Cassation - Rébus - Cinq chansons - Bruissant divisé - La vita è come l'albero di Natale - Etant l'arrière-son - In nomine - Instant tonné - La lumière n'a pas de bras pour nous porter (instrumentation de Frédéric Pattar) - Cantate égale pays n°1, Jachère aidant - Cantate égale pays n°2, God's grandeur - Cantate égale pays n°3, Grand Murmuré



Born on January 17th, 1958, Gérard Pesson studied at the Sorbonne and then at the Paris CNSM, where he studied composition with Ivo Malec, orchestration with Marius Constant and analysis with Betsy Jolas. In 1986, he founded a contemporary music publication entitled Entretemps. From 1990 to 1992 [...]


    • 24.10.2019
    • Branle du Poitou
    • London (United Kingdom)
    • Southbank Concert Halls, Purcell Room
    • Philharmonia Orchestra, Jonathan Berman (cond.)
    • 13.10.2019
    • Ambre nous resterons
    • Stapleford (United Kingdom)
    • Stapleford Granary
    • Richard Uttley (pno)
    • 09.10.2019
    • Ambre nous resterons
    • Walton on Thames (United Kingdom)
    • Riverhouse Barn
    • Richard Uttley (pno)

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