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BURGAN Patrick

Sphères - Le Lac - Vagues (Klarthe Records)

  • Category / Instrument : Orchestra
  • Duration : 56'30
  • Genre : contemporary
  • Sortiment : CD
  • Publisher : Autre
  • Code : K052
  • Published : 11/10/2019
  • ISBN / ISMN : 5051083142533


The undeniable reputation of Patrick Burgan as a master of vocal art has somewhat overshadowed his love for lustrous orchestral textures. Are these two facets of the composer sodistinct? The search for poetic atmospheres, the use of themes borrowed from literature, create bridges between the sections of his catalogue, as proven by the work united here. Throughout the present programme the power of natural forces - the movement of the planets, thecontemplation of tides, carry twenty four years of his creative life into the whirlpool of an inspiration which is not resolved by abstraction.

Sylviane Falcinelli
Excerpt from the CD booklet

Orchestre National de France, Pascal Rophé (conductor)
Valérie Condoluci (soprano)
Orchestre Colonne, Laurent Petitgirard (conductor)
Orchestre des Lauréats du Conservatoire, Jean-Sébastien Béreau (conductor)



Sphères - Le Lac - Vagues

BURGAN Patrick


    • 15.09.2019
    • Absence
    • Avignon (France)
    • 5èmes Rencontres Musicales et Scientifiques
    • Ensemble 44
    • 06.05.2018
    • Soleils
    • Rocamadour (France)
    • Festival
    • Maîtrise de Toulouse, Mark Opstad (cond.)
    • 27.03.2018
    • Soleils
    • Paris (France)
    • Opéra Comique
    • Maîtrise de Toulouse, Mark Opstad (cond.)
    • 17.03.2018
    • Soleils
    • Toulouse (France)
    • Auditorium Saint Pierre des Cuisines
    • Maîtrise de Toulouse, Mark Opstad (cond.)

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